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MI Social Studies Task Force Meets To Discuss Public Comments

Social studies standards
flickr/Travis Wise
The Social Studies Task Force is examining proposed changes to the state's social studies standards.

The Michigan Social Studies Task Force met for the first time Monday in Lansing to review public comments received on the proposed changes to state’s educational standards.


The group received thousands of online comments voicing concern over the edits. Among other things, early drafts removed some references to the KKK and indigenous people.

Tom Hinken is a social studies consultant on the civics and core values committee of the task force. He says the standards must be updated to clarify and remove burdens from the classroom.


“Right now we have about 71 standards and that’s a half-year course," Hinken says. "That’s a lot to expect. At the same time, we don't want to take information away from the students. So we need to make the standards higher and deeper."

The task force will recommend a draft to the Michigan Department of Education in February or March.


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