Boil Water Advisory For Flint Is Lifted

May 26, 2018

UPDATE: Saturday 8:00 p.m.: The city of Flint ended a citywide Boil Water Advisory due to a water main break and depressurization of the entire system. 

According to a city Facebook post, the advisory was issued on a Friday afternoon after a water main break today at Van Slyke and 12th Street.  The city said Saturday that the break has been fixed.

Credit City of Flint

The city advised that people flush cold water then boil it for use. Only water that's gone through filtration should be used. 

The city said tests of the filtered water determined it was healthy to use.

Problems with water are not uncommon to Flint.

Many residents in the city of 100,000 remain distrustful after their water supply was contaminated with lead for 18 months.

The contamination happened in 2014 and 2015 when officials used river water that wasn't properly treated.

As a result, lead leached from old pipes and fixtures, and the state is still working to replace pipes in the community.