Lansing Theatre organ pipes up

Dec 13, 2013

Lansing Theater Organ president Scott Smith will provide the musical accompaniment this Sunday to Laurel and Hardy's 1929 film, 'Big Business.' The concert will be at the Grand Ledge Opera House.
Credit Kevin Lavery/WKAR

At the boom of the silent film era a century ago, theater organs were a mainstay in movie houses across the country.  Lansing had its own such place, the Michigan Theater.  It closed more than three decades ago, but the original 1928 concert organ still exists.

Today, it’s cared for by a group simply called Lansing Theater Organ. The organ is located at the Grand Ledge Opera House.

On Sunday, the organ’s 2,000 pipes will come alive to provide the soundtrack to a classic silent film by two masters of the genre, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Current State’s Kevin Lavery spoke with Lansing Theater Organ president Scott Smith, who’s been playing this organ since he was 17 years old.