Michigan Museum Mural To Trace City's Immigration History

Jul 10, 2018

A history museum in southeastern Michigan is set to unveil a mural celebrating the city's immigrants, despite the artist being behind schedule.

Artist Dennis Orlowski tells the Detroit News that at least two-thirds of the Hamtramck Historical Museum installation will be complete in time for the unveiling on July 19. The "Coming to Hamtramck" mural will be 175 feet long (53 meters) and over 6 feet tall (2 meters) inside the museum located in the Detroit enclave of Hamtramck.

Greg Kowalski is a founder and chairman of the museum. He says the mural intends to show Hamtramck as the most diverse city in Michigan. The city has a majority-Muslim city council and a Polish-American mayor.

Each of the mural's panels will be devoted to a specific group instrumental to the city's evolution.