Motown Museum Honors Aretha Franklin

Aug 16, 2018

The Motown Museum in Detroit is recognizing Aretha Franklin’s importance to her home town this weekend.

Aretha Franklin was never signed to Motown Records, but starting Friday, the Motown Museum will play the music of Aretha Franklin for three days. 

Motown Museum CEO Robin Terry says the Queen of Soul “was a part of the Motown family.”

“Groups like the Four Tops and the Temptations and Smokey Robinson, they were like brothers," Terry continues, "and she was a sister to them and they were like brothers to her.”

Terry says this is the first time the museum has ever honored a performer who wasn’t a Motown artist in this way.

Visitors to the Motown Museum will be able to sign a guest book this weekend, and those remembrances will be sent to the Franklin family.