MSU researcher: more wild bee habitat would benefit growers

Jul 5, 2016

Logan Rowe is a grad student in the MSU Department of Entomology studying plants to support pollinators.
Credit Courtesy photo / Project ICP

Around the country, many growers contend with too few bees for pollinating their crops. An MSU scholar has been working on ways to get both wild bees and human-managed honeybees to be more effective. We learn more with Entomology professor and researcher Rufus Isaacs.

For farmers across Michigan and the country, pollination is essential for making their crops grow. For years now, they’ve kept a close eye on a key pollinator, bees, mainly because their numbers have been declining.

Current State talks with Rufus Isaacs, a professor of entomology here at Michigan State University. He has spent close to four years focusing on alternative pollination strategies, mainly involving wild bees.