New MSU Trustee To Review Privileged Documents In Nassar Case

Dec 13, 2019

The newest Michigan State University trustee says she will personally review documents that have been withheld from investigators probing the Larry  Nassar scandal.

This was the first board of trustees meeting for Renee Knake. The seat was opened after Nancy Schlichting resigned in protest, citing secrecy on the board.

Knake announced that she has asked for privileged documents related to the handling of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case. She says she’ll begin reviewing those documents next week. “When I see those materials with my own eyes," Knake says, "I will have an informed basis to make recommendations about how they should be handled.”

A number of Nassar survivors addressed trustees including Erika Davis, who is suing the university over the handling of her 1992 case. During public comment, she asked the board “Do you believe that I was sexually assaulted and raped by Nassar?” Trustees did not respond.

An attorney representing Davis, Jordan Merson, says MSU has asked for the dismissal of her case. “They’re trying to bury it and cover it up like they were in 1992," Merson states. "They want to make sure that no discovery is done, that it never sees the light of day.”

MSU has claimed privilege on 6,000 documents related to the Nassar Scandal requested by the Attorney General.