New Report Shows Kids Of Color Are Getting Left Behind In The state’s K-12 Education System

Oct 11, 2018

Michigan faces a looming education and economic crisis if it does not address systemic racism affecting children of color in K-12 schools. That’s according to a new report from the Michigan League for Public Policy. Laura Weber-Davis has more.

The report says kids of color are being left behind in school because of policies that focus on testing, but ignore the root of challenges in learning. That includes poverty, access to mental health care, and other major systemic issues that disproportionately affect communities of color.

Gilda Jacobs is C-E-O of the League.

“We need to address these issues if we want to have success for these kids and for their parents. Because it really is a two-generational approach that we have to take a look at.” Said Jacobs.

Jacobs says it’s also problematic that a third of students in Michigan are kids of color, and yet about 90 percent of teachers are white. She says the state must do a better job attracting teachers of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The Michigan Department of Education says it’s already addressing many of the recommendations in the report, with work on early childhood learning and at-risk students.