Researcher reacts to changes in EL schools’ sex ed plan

May 12, 2016

The East Lansing school board is again bringing in outside speakers to facilitate talks about sex education. East Lansing parent and author Alice Dreger weighs in on these developments and discusses her new book, “The Talk.”

Alice Dreger's newest book was inspired by the reaction to her series of Tweets during an East Lansing sex ed presentation.

Sex education will be changing soon in the East Lansing schools. On Monday, the East Lansing School Board voted 7-0 to re-allow guest educators  to teach about sex in the district’s classrooms.

Outside speakers were pulled from the district last spring when a participating  organization’s approach to teaching abstinence led to a wave of criticism. It began with a series of tweets from a high school parent during an educational session she attended with her freshman son.

That parent was Alice Dreger, an historian of medicine, science and sexuality who lives in East Lansing. Her essays on sex have appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, WIRED, and other publications. The 45 tweets she generated while observing her son’s sex ed class garnered international attention and led her to write a book.

We speak with Dreger about sex-ed in East Lansing schools and about her new book “The Talk.”