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LeBron James voting rights group; NBA players hesistant about resuming season; Tom Shanahan and Jimmy Raye Current Sports throwback

James Moore
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Al talks with former MSU fullback great James Moore about the unrest happening in America due to the killing of George Floyd. 

Mel Tucker

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Mel Tucker
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Transfer news from the MSU women's basketball team; Mel Tucker lands his first commitment for MSU football; Low expectations for the Spartans 

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MSU Football; Mel Tucker; Connor Heyward; MSU Basketball; Tom Izzo; Megan Landon; MSU climbing club

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MSU football; Mel Tucker; Chris Kapilovic; Jay Johnson; MSU basketball; Tom Izzo; Mel Tucker; Darius Slay; Tua Tagovailoa

Tom Izzo
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National media bash Mel Tucker; MSU men's basketball falls to Maryland; Laingsburgh and Potterville scoring dispute update with Connor Matthes 

Al Martin / WKAR-MSU

Details of Mel Tucker's contract have been released and WKAR has received a copy of the employment agreement. Tucker was officially named as the 25th head coach of the Michigan State football program yesterday.

Tucker has a base salary of $3.8 million, $1.2 million in supplemental annual income, and a $400,000 retention bonus through a six-year deal to the year 2026. Tucker will also receive $100,000 annually from suppliers of footwear and apparel for the program, moving his annual pay to $5.5 million. Written in the contract is a $6 million pool for 10 assistants in his first year as head coach and MSU will pay $3 million to the University of Colorado for Tucker's contract buyout. 

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Mark Dantonio; Luke Fickell; Mel Tucker; Bill Beekman; Tom Izzo; Cassius Winston; Xavier Tillman

Luke Fickell
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Luke Fickell turns down MSU football; Listener reaction to Fickell turning down MSU job; MSU men's basketball falls to Michigan