Elena Shklyar
Elena Shklyar

Spartan varsity athletes have navigated a lot of challenges due to the pandemic, with Shklyar and her teammates keeping an eye on playing this season.

Tom Izzo
Al Martin / WKAR-MSU

Listen to what MSU men's basketball coach Tom Izzo has to say as the Spartans now prepare to play host to Notre Dame tomorrow night. 

Michigan State Athletics

The Michigan State football team was defeated by Rutgers on Saturday afternoon, 38-27, at Spartan Stadium. Spartans head coach Mel Tucker begins his tenure with a loss. Listen to what he, along with players Rocky Lombardi, Xavier Henderson, and Jayden Reed had to say after the game. 

High School Football
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High School football games can now be played in the state of Michigan. 

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Reports have surfaced that hint toward a meeting taking place between between Big Ten Conference presidents and chancellors deciding to cancel fall sports due to the coronavirus pandemic. How close are we to this becoming a reality?

Lansing Common FC logo
Lansing Common FC

Lansing has seen two men’s soccer clubs start and end in the last ten years.

Amateur club, Lansing United, played from 2014 to 2018. Meanwhile, Lansing Ignite, a professional team that was part of the United Soccer League, lasted for just a season and folded last year. 

Now, a group of community organizers want to bring another men’s team back on the field that will be run by its fans.

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The killing of George Floyd sparks conversation around the sporting world; The NCAA extends the recruiting dead period; Throwback Thursday

The Sweet Science Of Boxing Teaches Important Life Lessons

Apr 23, 2020
Crown Boxing Club

There is more to boxing than just training to win a bout, as two Michigan State students discuss how the sport has changed their outlooks on life.


Fate of senior season rests on day-to-day decisions

Mar 20, 2020
Senior guard Mitchell Sambaer listens for the play from the sideline.
Courtesy of Mitchell Sambaer

High school seniors around the state have most likely played their last games in their high school careers including Okemos seniors Mitchell Sambaer and Rio Tomlinson; Sambaer waits to close another noteworthy basketball season while Tomlinson’s final season had yet to start. 

“I’m not sure if my senior season is over or not yet which is pretty frustrating,” Sambaer wrote in an email. “Obviously school was also cancelled for at least the next three weeks, but I feel like there’s growing belief that it’ll be longer than that.”  

DeShaun Tate
DeShaun Tate

Al Martin holds his first home broadcast in light of the cornavirus outbreak; DeShaun Tate of CBS Radio on the absence of men's college basketball; More cancellations in the world of sports; What could've been for MSU basketball