Books become art at Turner-Dodge “Boundless” show

Jun 6, 2016

A Book Art Show will take place at the Turner Dodge House on Sunday, and all are welcome to come see, and even buy, some of the creative things made from books. We find out more from one of the show’s creators, Zahrah Resh.

Book lovers treat their books in a number of different ways: some handle them delicately and take care to never bend the pages, while others might mark them up with pen and highlighter to note their favorite passages. And some turn them into works of art.

Next Sunday, the Turner Dodge House is hosting Lansing’s first Book Art Show. It’s called “Boundless.” It will showcase different works of art made out of books, as well as hand-made books.

Current State discusses book art and the upcoming show with a co-creator of “Boundless,” Zahrah Resh.