Bullet points: two sides of expanding concealed carry in MI

Dec 1, 2015

Michigan is changing the way it conducts background checks for people wanting a concealed pistol license. Meanwhile, state lawmakers debate whether to expand concealed carry laws to include places like schools and churches. We talk with a state senator pushing for expanded access and an activist who wants to rid guns from many public places.

Credit Defence Images / Flickr Creative Commons

Michigan has a new procedure for issuing concealed pistol licenses. Starting today, a special unit of the Michigan State Police will conduct background checks for CPL applicants. The new system eliminates county gun boards, which up to now had previously issued licenses.

There are currently about 488,000 concealed pistol license holders in the state of Michigan.

In the meantime, debate continues in Michigan over whether the state should expand the number of venues in which a CPL holder may carry a pistol. Senate Bill 442 would allow concealed carry in all so-called pistol-free zones, including schools, hospitals, churches and day care centers.

Current State talks about the bill with lead sponsor, Republican state Sen. Mike Green, and Dr. Linda Brundage, a licensed psychologist and executive director of the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. Her group opposes the bill.