Current Sports | 11/10/15 | #583

Nov 10, 2015

Mark Dantonio Press Conference Takeaways, Michigan State Football, Quarterback Situation, Detroit Pistons, Michigan State Men's Basketball, and High School Football.

It's Tuesday and it's football season, and that means that there are plenty of Mark Dantonio clips to go around. Al and Isaac dissect the clips and see what each means in the context of MSU's larger season. Also, what type of quarterback usually thrives in the NFL? The Detroit Pistons have been on a tear, and although they lost to the Warriors, have been very impressive. The reasons why are visited. Staying on basketball, Al and Isaac recap the preseason after MSU's 93-57 win over Ferris State marks the start of the 2015-2016 calendar. Finally, hear insights from the coaches of Lansing Catholic and Portland, who discuss their teams' routes in the MHSAA high school football playoffs.