Current Sports | 11/28/16 | #830

Nov 29, 2016

Michigan Football, Ohio State Football, First Down Debate, College Football Playoff, Adam Biggers, MSU Men's Basketball and Tom Izzo.

Credit Brad Muckenthaler / Flickr Creative Commons

It's a happy welcome back to the air for WKAR's Current Sports following a lengthy Thanksgiving hiatus. So first of all, everyone on set answers if Ohio State has anything to be thankful for following a dubiously officiated game against the University of Michigan. Then, hear Al and engineer Isaac Constans explain why this game could potentially have no ramifications at all on the College Football Playoff. Then, Adam Biggers of Today's U Sports is back on the show to give his takeaways on what many are calling the best college football game of the year. Lastly, Al plays some snippets of today's Tom Izzo press conference surrounding the MSU men's basketball team's recent run of play.