Current Sports | 3/24/16 | #666

Mar 24, 2016

Detroit Pistons, Andre Drummond, NBA Playoff Picture, Kawhi Leonard, Deshaun Tate, March Madness, and Brett's Bonehead Moves.

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Back again in the heat of basketball seasons, "Current Sports with Al Martin" slices off another basketball-filled show. First, Al and engineer Isaac Constans review last night's Detroit Pistons' win against the Orlando Magic, as the playoff standings become tighter. Will the Pistons get the all-important eighth seed? Also, while Kawhi Leonard might be the most overlooked player in the NBA, Al and Isaac debate whether he's one-of-a-kind because of his reserved demeanor. Then, DeShaun Tate, of Atlanta's CBS Radio station "The Game", hops in on the action to talk college hoops around the country and specific to East Lansing. To end the hour, production assistant Brett Kast brings some comedy to the show with his weekly segment, "Brett's Bonehead Moves."