Current Sports | July 24, 2017

Jul 24, 2017

The Open; British Open; Jordan Spieth; New Face Of Golf; Big Ten Media Days; Mark Dantonio; Kyrie Irving; LeBron James; Weekend Winners.

Credit Krzysztof Urbanowicz / Flickr Creative Commons

Jordan Spieth opened up a new dialog in the world of golf at the British Open. On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin," Al returns from vacation and brings along a few stories and hot takes. Is Spieth the new face of golf? Maybe, but there are still a few factors holding him back from becoming the next Tiger Woods. Al has another comparison in mind. Then, engineer Isaac Constans attempts to help Al solve the Cleveland Cavaliers' conundrum. Kyrie Irving requested a trade away from the Eastern Conference defending champions, but now the questions swirl around whose fault it was. The desired move is not only explored from the perspective of Irving but also LeBron James. Finally, Big Ten Media Days are underway and Current Sports prepares you for the incoming information. "Weekend Winners" finishes the rest.

Episode 985