Current Sports | September 6, 2017

Sep 6, 2017

Colin Kaepernick; Baltimore Ravens; AP College Football Rankings; Otis Wiley; Michigan State Football; Ezekiel Elliott.

Former Michigan State safety Otis Wiley joined Current Sports to talk 2017 Spartan football.
Credit WKAR

Today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" may sound like a throwback, but it's not. Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback who began the now-popular protest of kneeling for the national anthem, is back in the news after the Baltimore Ravens organization suggested that it would have signed him if not for a "racist" post from his girlfriend. Circling the bases, Al doubles back on his stance and evaluates the most recent claim. Was Kaepernick that close to being signed, or is this a public relations ploy by the Ravens' front office? Engineer Isaac Constans takes the opposite side of Al. Al also scans the college football rankings to find where Michigan sits after week one. Then, former Michigan State safety Otis Wiley helps in reviewing all of the topics, answering questions about his views on the protest and the landscape of college football. Wiley checks out the Michigan State football team this year and reports what he thinks might allow it to bounce back. After Wiley, Current Sports ends with a news wrap-up, including thoughts on the suspension of NFL running back Ezekiel Elliott being upheld. 

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