Investigation: shady funding accounts common among MI elected officials

Oct 17, 2016

A joint investigation finds over a third of Michigan’s state legislators have had connections to so-called 527 accounts. The accounts enable politicians to accept cash that’s often difficult to trace. Mlive’s Emily Lawler and the Michigan Campaign Finance Network’s Craig Mauger join us to explain how it works.

A recent investigation helps shed light on dark money in Michigan politics. Mlive reporter Emily Lawler, working with Craig Mauger of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, helped to show how common so-called 527 accounts are among elected officials in the Michigan legislature.

The accounts enable those officials and other campaign organizations to raise money, legally, that sometimes cannot be traced. Critic contend 527’s mean Michigan legislators potentially can be bought and sold.

We talk with Emily Lawler and Craig Mauger about the impact of 527 accounts.