MICA Gallery goes dark for blacklight exhibit

Jul 12, 2016

There’s always a great deal of window-watching that happens along Turner Street in Lansing's Old Town. However, for the next couple of months, you can’t easily do that with the MICA Gallery.

Polish-German artist Marek Radke uses blacklight to create his latest exhibition at the MICA Gallery in Lansing's Old Town.
Credit Courtesy Marek Radke

Looking at the windows of the MICA Gallery, you'll see a lot of black plastic with arrows inviting you to use small peep holes and find out what’s in the gallery.

Current State’s Jamie Paisley speaks with MICA Director Katrina Daniels about this new exhibit by Polish-German artist Marek Radke.  It uses special lighting that's usually only seen in your college buddy’s basement.