MSU, private sector lure businesses to MI Food Innovation District

Dec 21, 2015

Michigan is known for its strong agricultural industry. In the Lansing area, plans are moving forward to create the Michigan Food Innovation District. We talk with the two co-managers of the project, David Spencer and Brent Forsberg.

MSU will use a $3-million grant to launch the Food Processing and Innovation Center.
Credit Courtesy image / Michigan State University

Michigan prides itself on its vibrant food culture. The state is second only to California in terms of agricultural diversity. Food production and innovation has been one of the mainstays of our state economy for decades. Since 2013, a coalition of public and private agencies have been developing the Michigan Food Innovation District. It’s designed to bring a cluster of related foods together in one geographic area to improve manufacturing and distribution.

Last week, the French food storage company Janny MTUS set up operations in mid-Michigan. It’s the latest in a series of efforts to build the food innovation district.

Current State talks about the project with the co-managing directors of the Michigan Food Innovation District, David Spencer and Brent Forsberg.