MSU recital series kicks off with some “sax” appeal

Sep 1, 2015

Current State talks to Professor Joseph Lulloff, the saxophonist who kicks off MSU’s Faculty-Artist Recital series this week.

MSU College of Music Professor Joseph Lulloff will kick off the Faculty-Artist Recital.
Credit MSU College of Music

Thursday night, the MSU Artist-Faculty Recital series kicks off with saxophonist Professor Joseph Lulloff, who also serves as head of the woodwinds dept at the MSU School of Music.

He'll play a work that has quickly become a favorite in his repertoire: New Stories by Dorothy Chang. It's a work he also recently played at the International Saxophone Symposium this summer in Strasbourg, France. 

Professor Lulloff spoke with Current State's Jamie Paisley about this work, as well as a new recording project of French chamber music he's collaborating on with MSU Professor Deborah Moriarty.