Pop-Up Stories: Gardening Growing Pains

Aug 19, 2018

We are excited to host our next Pop-Up Stories event for the first time in Jackson!  It will be this Thursday at 7pm at the Ella Sharp Museum. The theme is "random acts of kindness." Click here to sign up. Meanwhile, here's a story from our last event in Meridian Township.

If you’ve committed or benefitted from a random act of kindness.. please share your story! It needs to be 5-minutes or less and something we can share here on the radio. We still need a few more storytellers, so click here to sign up!

From earlier this summer, storyteller Leslie Johnson explains she bought her home from a plant hoarder whose garden had gotten out of control. 

But Johnson learned what it meant to become rooted as she brought her own landscaping back to life.

Here’s her story about sharing “growing pains.”