Senate Committee Plans To Move Remaining Nassar Bills

Jun 4, 2018

State lawmakers expect to hold a key vote on the remaining bills in response to Larry Nassar this week. The bills will likely be voted out of a Senate committee – with at least one change. 

Nassar is the former Michigan State University sports doctor sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting his patients.

A bill would add physical therapists and their assistants to the list of professions required to report suspected child abuse.

The legislation originally included more professions, but those were taken out in a House committee.

Republican Representative Klint Kesto worked on the bills in the House.

He said after hearing hours of testimony, the House decided to not include paid coaches as mandated reporters.

“So we have to be very focused when we’re actually changing laws that could have a lot of unintended consequences," said Rep. Kesto. "So I hope he reviews that and looks at it."

Now the Senate has the bills.

And Republican Senator Rick Jones said he’s going to make at least one change.

“I think it is senseless to not have paid coaches be mandated reporters," said Sen. Jones.

Sen. Jones says he plans to make the change during a hearing in a committee he chairs this week.

He said he also plans to hold a vote on the bills this week.