Two Michigan Zoo Bears Retiring in Colorado

Sep 18, 2017

Two bears that have been living at a Michigan zoo for nearly 20 years are getting a bigger yard.

A brown bear named Polly and a black bear named Migwan left the Detroit Zoo on Monday for a new life in Colorado.

Polly, the brown bear, lived at the Detroit Zoo for nearly 20 years.
Credit Detroit Zoo Blog

Zoo director Ron Kagan says the bears will have many acres to roam at Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado.

He says the move also will create more space for three grizzly bear brothers at the suburban Detroit zoo.

Polly is a 20-year-old bear, and Migwan is 15 years old. Polly was rescued from a roadside circus in 2000.

Migwan was a cub when she was found two years later with quills in her face in northern Michigan.