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Faces of Flint: A mother searches for hope in time of crisis

Laura MacIntyre and family
Laura MacIntyre and family

We continue our "Faces of Flint" series with a day in the life of Flint resident Laura MacIntyre, as she navigates raising a family in the midst of the water crisis. 

Open any newspaper in Michigan, and you’ll find there’s no shortage of news about the Flint water crisis. But this week, we’re going beyond the headlines and the sound bytes to hear what life is like in a city where the water from the faucet is toxic.

Today in our "Faces of Flint" series, we meet Laura MacIntyre, a mother who is rooting for her hometown even as she deals with the day to day struggle of living without clean tap water.

MSU journalism student Eva Nienhouse brings us her story. This piece was edited by Current State producer April Van Buren.

WATCH THE VIDEO companion to this story here.

Video shorts from our “Faces of Flint” series can be seen immediately following the PBS Newshour all week on WKAR-TV.

“Faces of Flint” is jointly produced by MSU journalism students studying with MSU Associate Professor Geri AlumitZeldes and the Current State and WKAR TV staff.

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