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Faces of Flint: entrepreneur sees beyond crisis to brighter future

Dr. Bobby Mukkamala photo
Dr. Bobby Mukkamala

We wrap up our "Faces of Flint" series with a man who's investing in the city despite the ongoing water crisis.

"Faces of Flint" explores the day to day lives of Flint residents navigating the water crisis. For our final installment of the series, we meet Dr. Bobby Mukkamala. He’s a doctor and restaurant owner in the city, and he’s betting on Flint’s economic revival even in the face of the water crisis.

MSU journalism student Cheyna Roth brings us his story. This piece was edited by Current State producer April Van Buren.

Our “Faces in Flint” series is a collaboration between the MSU School of Journalism and WKAR Radio and TV.

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