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Current Sports | 10/3/16 | #793

Michigan State

Michigan State Football, Tyler O'Connor, Michigan Football, Adam Biggers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers and Weekend Winners.

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" coming out of the bend, those in Michigan are battered and bruised by a rough weekend in sports. Al recaps the misfortune, most of their own making, to befall the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, and the Michigan State Spartans. Engineer Isaac Constans lends his thoughts to pair with Al's when it comes to the MSU upset loss to Indiana. The two try to realistically define what MSU's goals should be for the rest of the season. Then, Adam Biggers, assistant editor and sports reporter for Today's U Sports, gives a glimpse into life around the Ann Arbor region, where exceptional excitement endures because of the success of the Wolverines' football team and the unveiling of the new basketball jerseys. If the joy is too much for Spartan fans to bear, it's not for long, as "Weekend Winners" includes the addend of losers to incorporate the Lions and Tigers.

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