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Current Sports | October 9, 2017

Football Helmet and Ball
Wikimedia Commons - Goodbar73

Michigan-Michigan State Rivalry;  MSU Football Expectations; Brian Lewerke; Madre London; Detroit Lions; Weekend Winners and Losers.

It's a sunny day, Spartan fans. After a game in the elements against bitter rival Michigan, the Michigan State football team is 4-1. "Current Sports with Al Martin" features its special postgame coverage and report, but before diving in, get your groove on. The show is a party for Spartan faithful. Al breaks down the game from both sides, giving special credit to the coaching of MSU. He also calls out a few players who deserve special recognition. The question of the day is whether or not this changes the season ahead for MSU, and engineer Isaac Constans has a resounding response. After two callers take up the matter, as well, Al pushes the ship forward. The Detroit Lions had a bad weekend, as did Al's Dallas Cowboys, and Al takes special issue with one Detroit player, who despite being the difference between a win and loss, felt the need to call out the fans. Running down the clock, "Weekend Winners" also offers a taste of the pessimistic with Isaac offering a couple of sad, albeit laughable, stories.

Episode 1032

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