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Safety Precautions In Place As GM Plants Reopen

General Motors
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General Motors plants are reopening across the country on Monday.

Autoworkers are returning to General Motors plants in America Monday, and GM is employing safety measures meant to protect people from the novel coronavirus. Lansing’s two big plants are among those reopening.

GM’s vice president of global workplace safety Jim Glynn says workers will get health screenings. Glynn adds that workers who feel symptomatic will be urged to quickly see an on-site medical team for further screening. “We’ll ask and interview someone, who did they come in contact with," he explains. "We’ll inform those coworkers that may have come in contact with the virus, and we’ll ask them to isolate at home as well and to get medical care if they come down with any symptoms.”

Glynn say protective gear and cleaning agents will be provided. Frequent hand washing will also be encouraged.

United Auto Workers Local 602 President Steve Delaney represents workers at the Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant. He says every other seat in breakrooms will be covered to enforce social distancing. “The breakrooms is where you eat and drink, and that’s the only time you can have your mask off, and I can see a problem when people congregate," Delaney states. "It’s natural for people to want to get together and talk to friends and associates, but the new way of life returning to work is going to be to try to keep social distancing as much as possible.”

Delaney adds that cafeteria chairs are being spaced diagonally, six feet apart, and lunch times will be staggered so there won’t be more people than available chairs.

Scott Pohl is a general assignment news reporter and produces news features and interviews. He is also an alternate local host on NPR's "Morning Edition."
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