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Lt. Gov. Calley: state’s opioid scourge requires urgent action

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America is eager to do something about the recent surge in prescription drug overdoses and fatalities.Here in Michigan, Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley heads the Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force.  Current State sorts through the challenges of tackling the problem and asks the Lieutenant Governor about his take on the road funding challenge and Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat.
“Prescription drug and opioid addiction has quadrupled the number of unintentional drug deaths in our state since 1999 and we must come together to reverse this trend before more Michiganders are hurt.” 

With those words, Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley announced the formation in June of the Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force.
Opioids are substances that relieve pain. Many of these drugs, both legal and illegal, can be addictive. They include widely prescribed pain medications like vicodin, oxycontin, morphine and codeine. Heroin is also an opioid.
Current State talks to Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley about how his task force is approaching the challenge.

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