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These Are The Biggest Donors To Candidates For Lansing, Jackson Mayor Ahead Of The August Primary

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With less than a week before the Aug. 3 election, incumbent Mayor Andy Schor has taken in nearly $290,000, outraising the other candidates for Lansing mayor by more than eight to one.

And in the race for Jackson mayor, City Council Member Laura Dwyer Schlecte is ahead of three other challengers with $9,572 donated to her campaign coffers.

Winners of nonpartisan primaries in Lansing and Jackson will advance to a general election Nov. 2.

Here’s what we know about how much candidates have raised so far, according to their pre-election reports due this week.

“Money raised” reflects total monetary donations this election cycle through July 20; it does not include donations of goods and services. These totals only include money funnelled through candidates’ campaign committees. It does not include outside spending from interest groups that buy their own ads to influence the election. 


Andy Schor

Money raised: $289,141

Money spent: $139,081

Biggest donor: $21,000 from Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 333 PAC

Kathie Dunbar

Money raised: $33,536

Money spent: $21,035

Biggest donor: $15,000 from Kathie Dunbar (self)

Dunbar submitted her full report late and only included a cover page without a required itemization of donations by Monday’s deadline. Her committee submitted an updated report Tuesday with full information. Dunbar said a new staffer initially filed the report and made an error.

Patricia Spitzley

Money raised: $18,130

Money spent: $16,073

Biggest donor: $10,200 from Patricia Spitzley (self)

Spitzley attached a note with her report, explaining she was unable to get contact information from people who donated via PayPal by the reporting deadline and that she was working to get that information. Candidates are required to include addresses and employer information for each donor who gives more than $100.

Farhan Sheikh-Omar

Money raised: $1,590

Money spent: $1,265

Biggest donors: $200 each from Owen Handy (not employed), Osman Sufi (sales at Ashley Home Store) and Halimo Noor (staff at Lansing School District)

Sheikh-Omar also gave his own campaign a $9,302 loan, according to his report.

Melissa Huber

Huber received a reporting waiver because she says she raised less than $1,000.

Larry James Hutchinson, Jr

Hutchinson was granted a waiver from campaign finance reporting, according to Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum.

He received a warning letter from Byrum this year, who said she had “reason to believe” he was putting up signs without including a required “paid for” disclaimer that lists the name and address of the committee that funded them. Hutchinson said the accusations are unfair.

“You don’t just make up some stuff,” he said. 


Laura Dwyer Schlecte

Money raised: $9,572

Money spent: $3,958

Biggest donor: $3,597 from Laura Schlecte (self)

Daniel J. Mahoney

Money raised: $4,813

Money spent: $1,860

Biggest donor: $1,500 from the Jackson County Democratic Committee

John Wilson

Money raised: $1,700

Money spent: $3,708

Biggest donors: $500 each from Lori Bentschneider and Phil Duckham (occupations not listed)

Jeromy Alexander

Alexander has been granted a reporting waiver, according to the Jackson County Elections Director.

Sarah Lehr is a state government reporter for Wisconsin Public Radio.
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