Lansing Mayor Schor Issues Veto

May 22, 2019

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor has issued his first veto, for a modification the city council made to his proposed budget. 

Lansing’s 2020 fiscal year budget passed out of City Council at Monday’s meeting. Then, it was sent back to the Mayor to sign.  

On Tuesday night, Schor vetoed the version of his budget the council passed because they stripped money that he earmarked for a new neighborhood coordinator position. 

But the mayor said he wants to underscore they agree on a lot more than they disagree.

“We disagree on $60,000," said mayor Schor. "This is a pretty good budget. We’re doing a lot of good things for the city of Lansing.  And there was a lot of agreement between the Mayor and city council—this is just one, one $60,000 provision where we disagreed.”

Six of the eight city council members would need to vote to override Schor’s veto to move the money away from the neighborhood coordinator position.

The more than $200-million budget is set to go into effect July 1.