LCC Curtails Radio, TV Services

Jun 17, 2020

The general manager of radio and television services at Lansing Community College says he’s been informed of the college’s decision to cease operations at the end of June.

Daedalian Lowry says he learned of the decision on Monday. “At this point," Lowry explains, "they’re looking to put the staff on furlough, and they’re still considering budget options, so the board is supposed to vote next week as to the situation and where it will go from here.”

Lowry adds that the move would end shows produced by volunteer talent. He states that “you’re talking about 30 people who basically come in and do what they do purely out of passion. They come in and do those shows for free and because they love the community.”

A college spokesperson would not confirm the closing of the stations other than to say that trustees will vote on a final budget by the end of the fiscal year.