State Sen. Jones defends push to move Court of Claims out of Ingham County

Nov 4, 2013

Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) says it’s wrong and expensive to focus the operations of the Court of Claims in Ingham County.

Republicans in the Michigan legislature are pursuing change at the state’s Court of Claims.  That’s the judicial body that decides legal actions against the state.

Sen. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. He supports a more statewide approach, making the Court of Claims a part of the Michigan Court of Appeals.  Judges hearing claims would be appointed by Supreme Court justices.

Critics of the move say it’s political, since Ingham County judges are typically aligned with liberal Democrats.  Court of Appeals judges would be appointed by a Supreme Court currently more aligned with conservative Republicans.

Jones says he questions why the Court of Claims operates in a single county.