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Governor Rick Snyder is urging lawmakers to approve his proposals for cleaning up the environment and improving Michigan’s water infrastructure.



Plant Invading Michigan's Lakes Is Hard To Kill

Apr 3, 2018
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A state grant aims to combat an invasive plant plaguing Michigan’s inland lakes. Eurasian watermilfoil  forms thick mats on the water that make it hard for boats and swimmers to move through. Lakefront property owners often have to pay hundreds of dollars for herbicide treatments every year or watch their property values plummet. 

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Wildlife experts will place tracking collars on some whitetail deer in south-central Michigan for a study of chronic wasting disease and other illnesses.

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Governor Rick Snyder wants to hike solid waste dumping fees to help pay for environmental cleanup. Michigan Public Radio’s Cheyna Roth reports.

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Gov. Rick Snyder wants to boost Michigan's fee for taking waste to landfills and use the revenue to clean up contaminated sites and fund other environmental protection programs.

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Experts predict that Great Lakes water levels will rise for a fifth consecutive year.

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Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday touted Michigan's economic and fiscal gains under his watch, saying his tenure has had its "ups and downs" but that the state is in better shape than before he took office.

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As America confronts the opioid crisis, environmental scientists are warning about a related problem. Chemicals from pain-killers and other drugs often end up in lakes and rivers, creating what some scientists say could be a deadly cocktail for fish and other wildlife.

General Motors
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A lawsuit alleges that General Motors has contaminated water near a Michigan testing facility since the 1980s and has attempted to cover it up.

Opera Explores Lake Erie's Problems

Nov 15, 2017
Lake Erie algae bloom
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It may be hard to imagine a composer being inspired by public hearings and court cases. But Lake Erie and its problems take center stage in a new oratorio from Cleveland composer Margaret Brouwer.