Council Approves Marijuana Commission

Jun 26, 2017

Lansing City Council passed a measure Monday to include a commission in the city’s marijuana ordinance.

The commission will be a group of seven Lansing residents who will review all applications for marijuana establishments in the city. Council determined that one of the seven commission members must be from a medical marijuana patient advocacy group, two must have business experience, and the last four would each come from one of Lansing’s four wards.

Council President Patricia Spitzley says she’s happy with the job the public safety committee did writing the ordinance, and with the progress the whole council made Monday. But, she says several more meetings will be necessary to hammer out all the details.

“There’s no piece of legislation whether it’s a state law, federal law, or an ordinance that comes through committee and is adopted pristine, it just never happens. The committees always do the heavy lifting, and then it comes to the general body and there are amendments to be done,” she says.

Council will continue the discussion of the ordinance at their next Committee of the Whole meeting July 10th. Spitzley says she hopes they will be finished going through it by the end of July.