Current Sports | November 9, 2017

Nov 9, 2017

MSU Men's Basketball; Athletes and Activism; NCAA Recruiting Violations; FBI Investigation; Ernie Boone; MSU Football Preview.

The MSU men's basketball team gathers after practice at the Breslin Center on Wednesday evening.
Credit Al Martin / WKAR

At Spartan Stadium, the MSU football team has been shattering expectations this year, and that's rubbed off on the entire school. Today on "Current Sports with Al Martin," football and basketball both get a look within Studio S. MSU men's basketball already welcomes in five recruits for the upcoming year, but the bigger news comes with what the Spartans will be wearing. Al explains why this year is bigger than basketball as the team has decided to wear t-shirts that say "We Talk. We Listen." to enlighten on social injustice. With that, Al dives into how coach Tom Izzo and the program is doing it the right way, in stark contrast to some others around the country. With new revelations about nationwide recruiting violations, Al puts into perspective the severity of the problem concerning the FBI college basketball investigation. Engineer Isaac Constans emphasizes the innocent until proven guilty mantra, but explains why some fans might be fair to speculate about the health of college basketball. Next, Ernie Boone helps to pile onto the football fanfare for the upcoming weekend, when MSU will take on Ohio State. Sports reporter for The Michigan Chronicle, Boone has been around the team for a long time and knows the Buckeyes won't be easy. Yet, there is hope. Boone also briefly previews Spartan men's basketball. Speaking of, former MSU men's basketball star Eron Harris will be co-hosting the show tomorrow. Make sure to tune in!

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