Mayor Vetoes Rejection Of Groesbeck Golf Course Plan

May 18, 2017

Today Mayor Bernero vetoed a major change to his proposed Fiscal Year 2018 budget that the Lansing City Council adopted on Monday.


When the Lansing City Council voted to adopt Mayor Bernero’s proposed budget, they rejected one big part of it: his plan to change the management of Groesbeck Golf Course.


Now the mayor is vetoing the council’s rejection of his plan.

The golf course is currently managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. Mayor Bernero wants to transfer management to LEPFA, the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority.


He says Groesbeck Golf Course is losing about $600,000 dollars a year, and the goal is to keep it open without costing taxpayers a ton of money.

“We have to spread these parks millage dollars across our community centers, across all the activities that we do, all the parks, 114 parks in the city. So we cannot have a situation where one golf course is sucking up a third or a fourth of the entire parks millage money,” he says.


Six City Council votes at a meeting held within two weeks are required to overturn the mayor’s veto.