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Current Sports | May 18, 2017

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LaVar Ball; Sexism in Sports; NBA Playoffs; LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan; Stanley Cup Playoffs; Throwback Thursday.

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" if there was any question over whether sexism is still a force in sports media, LaVar Ball answered it. The father of soon-to-be NBA pick Lonzo Ball received yet another appearance on TV, this time provided by host Colin Cowherd, and proceeded to chastise a female contributor to the show, Kristine Leahy. While Al lambastes LaVar Ball, he says that Leahy did far more than hold her own. Al goes on another rant next. Despite LeBron James' statistically historic postseason, the buzz is hushed after looking at the competition. Al tells you why James will never be greater than Michael Jordan due to the competition difference. Al continues by talking about the connection that NBA player Gary Harris has with his old coach at Michigan State, Tom Izzo. Harris' anecdotes not only reveal his maturity but also the understanding of Izzo. Proceeding, engineer Isaac Constans comes into the show, and has an ammunition box full of retorts. While agreeing that James still lags behind Michael Jordan in accomplishment, Isaac feverishly defends the potential of a shakeup in order and the achievements of "The King." Not straying too far from playoff talk but moving along, Jacob Herbert describes the surprising happenings in the NHL playoffs--strikingly different from those in the NBA.  "Throwback Thursday" puts another show in the books.

Episode 940

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