Lansing Catholic Football Players Transfer in Light of Racial Tension

Nov 24, 2017

Michael Lynn III (left), Al Martin (middle), Matthew Abdullah (right).
Credit Al Martin / WKAR

Michael Lynn III and Matthew Abdullah joined Al Martin on "Current Sports" to talk about why they decided to transfer after the racial tension at Lansing Catholic. 

Michael Lynn III and Matthew Abdullah, both seniors, are two former football players at Lansing Catholic High School who have decided to transfer to Lansing Sexton and Holt high schools, respectively. Lynn and Abdullah are two of the four players at Lansing Catholic who knelt during the national anthem at games this fall for the Cougars. The players were trying to raise awareness for inequality in America and promote diversity at the school.

The two high school athletes joined "Current Sports with Al Martin" in studio S to talk about the challenges they faced while at Lansing Catholic High School. Lynn and Abdullah talk with Al about why they decided to change schools, what they hoped to accomplish with the social stand they took, and so much more.