State Senator Plans Task Force Focused On Lead

Apr 29, 2019

A lawmaker in Michigan wants to start a task force aimed at helping curb the state’s lead problem. It would not just be focused on lead in the water.

“She won’t let me put her down because she’s having one of those moments.”

Democratic Senator Adam Hollier held his almost 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Lillian, on the Senate floor as he explained his plan.

He said test results showed she’s had elevated lead levels in her blood due to paint dust.

Hollier said too many kids in Michigan are affected by lead.

“This is not an urban issue," said Sen. Hollier. "This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is an issue that effects our children. An issue that we pay for time and time again.”

Sen. Hollier says the task force’s ultimate goal is to look for the most promising programs and recommendations and then fund those projects.