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Test Tube T-bones?! | Serving Up Science

Season 3 Episode 305 | 4m 22s

Would you eat steak grown in a test tube? A chicken from a petri dish? It's not science fiction. It’s the next generation of meat, grown in a lab from the cells of animals. Scientists are concerned that climate conditions will make food production uncertain. Cultivated meat may offer an alternative to traditionally raised meat, while being more sustainable than current agricultural practices.

Aired: 01/11/23
Produced by WKAR Public Media
In Cooperation with Food@MSU
Capehart and Abernathy on the debt deal and race for the GOP presidential nomination
Breaking down the NBA Finals matchup between Denver and Miami
Attacks inside Russia raise questions about next phase of Ukraine war
Greenland unveils draft constitution in push for complete independence from Danish control
U.S. economy adds more jobs in face of inflation and interest rate hikes
White House adviser Gene Sperling discusses bipartisan deal to raise debt ceiling
News Wrap: White House says U.S. will not build more nuclear weapons to counter Russia
President Biden Addresses the Nation - A PBS NewsHour Special
June 2, 2023 - PBS NewsHour full episode
Cassette tapes make unexpected comeback in era of music streaming
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