Current Sports | June 8, 2017

Jun 8, 2017

DeWitt Baseball; Diamond Classic; NBA Finals; Throwback Thursday; Lansing City Futsal; Jeremy Klepal; MSU Hockey; Danton Cole.

Credit John VanderHaagen / Flickr Creative Commons

Congratulations to the DeWitt Panthers baseball team, who took home the 2017 Diamond Classic championship trophy. "Current Sports with Al Martin" was at the event and brings about a feature to highlight the 14-0 impressive performance--and what let the team dig deep for the win. Then, Al traces through the NBA Finals game last night between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, praising the play of today's best player, LeBron James. But it's not without a caveat, one that will forever be held against "The King." Before a fully fledged fist fight can break out between Al and engineer Isaac Constans, a new voice and a new sport steps in. Jeremy Klepal, owner of and player for Lansing City Futsal, is live in studio to talk about the upcoming season and a new training facility. What is futsal, you ask? Find out. Next, a guest that's been in the making for some time ends the hour. New MSU hockey coach Danton Cole finishes the hour by touching on his preparation for the season. He even mentions the campus atmosphere currently, in light of the sexual assault arraignments.

Episode 954