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Elissa Slotkin
Amanda Barberena / WKAR-MSU

Elissa Slotkin, the Democratic candidate for Michigan's 8th congressional district addressed campaign finance, clean water, her disapproval of President Trump's relationship with the intelligence community, the hearings for Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh and more at WKAR studios. An interview invitation has been extended to the Republican incumbent Mike Bishop but he not yet accepted it. 

Jennifer Lord of Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers
Cheyna Roth

Tens of thousands of people were falsely accused of cheating on their unemployment benefits. The state took money from their tax refund or ordered them to re-pay benefits. That was after a problem with the state’s automated system.

s_falkow / flickr creative commons

The Michigan Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a case that will determine if people who were wrongly accused of defrauding the unemployment program can sue the state.

Backers of broad marijuana legalization are looking to break through a geographic barrier in November and get their first foothold in the Midwest. Michigan and North Dakota, where voters previously authorized medical marijuana, will decide if the drug should be legal for any adult 21 and older. 

Voting Ballot
James Durkee / Flickr Creative Commons

Eager to snap and post an online photo of your Michigan ballot in the Nov. 6 election? Think again. A legal dispute over photos in polling places still hasn't reached the finish line, more than two years later.

A "Vote Here" sign
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If you want to have a say in deciding Michigan’s next governor, you must register to vote by Tuesday.

Reginald Hardwick / WKAR-MSU

With Tuesday, October 9, the deadline for registering to vote in the November election, we examined efforts to get more young adults to register and vote.

Brett Kavanaugh
Screen shot from PBS NewsHour

In an unusual weekend session, the U.S. Senate advances to a final vote on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Watch the proceedings live.

US Capitol Building
Liam James Doyle / NPR

The Senate is taking a procedural vote on whether or not to move Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination forward. Watch the proceedings on the Senate floor live.

UPDATED AT 5:25 p.m.: Authorities say members of a group protesting in Flint for a higher minimum wage and the right to form unions were not wearing reflective gear when struck by a pickup truck just before dawn on Tuesday.

Legislation going to Gov. Rick Snyder for his expected signature would prohibit marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks in Michigan.

Republican Senate candidate John James is airing his first TV ad of the general election, accusing both parties of pitting Americans against each other and blaming the other side when nothing gets done.

According to a new study, legalizing recreational marijuana would net half a billion dollars in new state tax revenue over its first five years.

Gerald R. Ford International Airport
Gerald R. Ford International Airport

A bill introduced in the state senate would prohibit taking a weapon into an airport.

Michigan Secretary of State
Michigan Secretary of State's Office Facebook page. / Facebook

The Office of the Secretary of State says it expects long lines Monday as it eliminates driver responsibility fees.