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Former US House Speaker John Boehner says the Republican Party is no more.    

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Michigan’s top prosecutor is on board with proposed changes to how the state parole board determines if an inmate can be released from prison.     

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Republican legislative leaders are at odds as a deadline nears to enact a marijuana legalization measure or let it go to a statewide vote in November.

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The Michigan Supreme Court won’t review issues against a ballot initiative to end prevailing wage, so the measure must move forward. And lawmakers could vote on the measure as soon as next week.  

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Police say more than a dozen protesters have been arrested after refusing to leave the rotunda of the Michigan Capitol.

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Citizen-initiated legislation to repeal Michigan's prevailing wage law will proceed after the state Supreme Court denied an appeal filed by opponents of the bill.

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State lawmakers want to put more money into school safety. A bipartisan group of Senators introduced legislation Tuesday, similar bills were introduced recently in the state House. The bills are backed by a coalition of law enforcement and education groups.

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As temperatures rise, lawmakers in Lansing want to make sure people aren’t leaving their animals in their cars.

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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is expected to sign into law bills inspired by the Larry Nassar scandal, including one approved Tuesday that would give childhood sexual abuse victims more time to sue.

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Michigan workers would receive mandatory sick days under a newly filed initiative that could appear on the November ballot.

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Lawmakers in Lansing want to make Michigan roads safer.

Republican Senator Margaret O’Brien (R-Portage) hopes to wrap up bills to make bicyclists safer on the roads soon. Legislation is working its way through the Legislature that would require vehicles give bicyclists three feet of room when they pass.

picture of the Michigan Capitol Building
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A campaign to amend the Michigan Constitution is asking a judge to order a state board to certify its question for the November ballot.    
Capital Bureau Chief Rick Pluta tells us the amendment would change how the state draws congressional and legislative district boundaries.   

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Gov. Rick Snyder's administration and key lawmakers struck a budget deal Thursday that includes using a surplus to spend hundreds of millions of dollars more on road work and school-safety initiatives while also padding the state's savings account.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette on Thursday voluntarily issued a financial disclosure statement showing personal assets totaling more than $13 million — largely investments held in blind trusts or property he inherited in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Colorado.

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Legislation aimed at curbing sexual assault in Michigan passed the state House Thursday. The bills were introduced in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal. Nassar is the former Michigan State University sports doctor who sexually assaulted his patients for years.  

Capital Correspondant Cheyna Roth reports all lawmakers agreed they want to help victims of sexual assault – But some lawmakers argued a few of the bills didn’t go far enough.