Current Sports | July 31, 2020 | Tom Izzo Is Hot On Recruiting Trail, Even In The Midst Of Pandemic

Jul 31, 2020

Is this the best recruiting period in the history of Tom Izzo's MSU men's basketball career? Also, THE NBA IS BACK! 

Credit Flickr / Creative Commons

On today's Current Sports with Al Martin, we dive into the amazing recruiting period that has been this summer for Michigan State men's basketball coach Tom Izzo. Is this the hottest recruiting of his MSU tenure? Also, decisions loom for Spartans Xavier Tillman and Aaron Henry in terms of coming back for another collegiate season, or heading to the NBA. And speaking of NBA... the season is BACK! Al talks about the excitment from Orlando last night. That, and more, on this Fri-YAY edition of Current Sports. 

Episode 1668