Flint water expert: residents hesitate even after EPA all-clear

Jul 11, 2016

Professor Marc Edwards has become renowned as the leader of the Flint Water Team, the nearly 40 member group of civil engineering students and staff from Virginia Tech University.

Virgina Tech's Dr. Mark Edwards says Flint residents are wary of drinking the city's water even after the EPA deemed it safe for consumption.
Credit WKAR File Photo

The Flint Water Team's work first confirmed the health threat facing residents after the switch to Flint River water two years ago.

As government on all levels continues working to make Flint water safe, the water team plays a central role analyzing the city's water.

Current State’s Mark Bashore asks Dr. Edwards about the community's response to the EPA’s recent announcement hat filtered Flint water is again safe to drink, including by pregnant women and children.