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Life, Meet Tech
Life, Meet Tech
All nine episode of Season One are available now

A conversation about living our lives with technology.

Life, Meet Tech explores the ways in which our daily lives intersect with technology and the impact technology has on us collectively and individually. How does technology help us live our best life and how does it hold us back? How can we harness the power of tech for good and how does it hurt us? Each episode features lively and provocative conversations with an array of notable experts, authors, journalists, and industry leaders on all things tech-life.

Life, Meet Tech is a co-production of WKAR Public Media and the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University.

Host: Prabu David
Executive Producer: Melanie Paul
Audio Engineer: Drew Hill

Latest Episodes
  • Prabu David is joined by leading global futurist Shawn Dubravac for a peek into his crystal ball at the incredible future of consumer technology and the industrial economy.
  • Prabu David rides shotgun with Fred Jacobs, automotive expert and the godfather of classic rock radio, as they look at the exciting road ahead for automotive technology.
  • Prabu David is joined by Greg Teachout, one of his favorite colleagues and armchair experts, to discuss everything from the thought contagion and Greg’s newfound fascination with the hurdy gurdy.
  • In this episode, Prabu David invites Kjerstin Thorson, a researcher and professor at Michigan State University, to discuss how social media uses our own user data to determine what we see.
  • In this episode, Prabu David discusses the future of work with IT expert and the president of IDC, Crawford Del Prete, to find out what he thinks about the impact of technology on business and society.
  • Today’s world runs on an attention economy that’s driven by technology, and businesses profit from our attention. In this episode, Prabu David talks with leading researcher, neuroscientist, and author Amishi Jha about the real price of our attention.
  • Picking up where last week’s episode left off, Prabu David examines algorithmic bias. Guest Rebecca Wexler, co-director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, explains the black box nature of algorithms used in the criminal justice system and explains why Glenn Rodríguez was denied parole by the COMPAS algorithm.
  • Prabu David takes a close look at how forensic technology is applied in criminal investigations. The episode includes a deep dive into the misapplication of forensic technology and the wrongful conviction case against Mr. Steven Barnes, who spent 20 years behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit until he was exonerated through the Innocence Project. The guest is Sarah Chu, senior advisor on forensic science policy for the Innocence Project.
  • Prabu David examines our trust in machines and the dilemma of a paradox: our willingness to trust machines with our data to give us better experiences even as we fear that are our data could be exploited. With guest S. Shyam Sundar, founder and co-director of the Media Effects Research Laboratory at Penn State University.
  • How does technology help us live our best life? How does it hold us back?Prabu David introduces the new podcast exploring how our daily lives intersect with technology.