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Life, Meet Tech
Life, Meet Tech
All eight episodes of Season Two are available now

A conversation about living our lives with technology.

Life, Meet Tech explores the ways in which our daily lives intersect with technology and the impact technology has on us collectively and individually. How does technology help us live our best life and how does it hold us back? How can we harness the power of tech for good and how does it hurt us? Each episode features lively and provocative conversations with an array of notable experts, authors, journalists, and industry leaders on all things tech-life.

Life, Meet Tech is a co-production of WKAR Public Media and the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University.

Host: Prabu David
Executive Producer: Melanie Paul
Audio Engineer: Drew Hill

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Latest Episodes
  • Prabu David is joined by waste expert Aaron Johnson to dive into tech's impact on waste management. From landfills to recycling, explore sustainable innovations.
  • Prabu David is joined by toy tech enthusiast Stephen Davis to explore how connectivity, AR, VR, and fluid play are reshaping kids' experiences.
  • Prabu David is joined by farming tech expert Brett McClelland to explore the impact of innovation on agriculture, from AI to sustainable practices.
  • Prabu David is joined by Rachael Bale from National Geographic to uncover tech's role in wildlife conservation. Explore tracking, DNA, and sustainable futures.
  • Prabu David is joined by tech expert Andy MacMillan to unravel how user data shapes innovative products, exploring privacy, usability, and human-centric tech.
  • Prabu David is joined by author Paul Scharre to explore ethics, legality, and tech impact of autonomous weapons in modern warfare.
  • Prabu David is joined by biometrics expert Arun Ross to unravel the world of facial, iris, and voice recognition. Explore ethics, privacy, and societal impact.
  • Prabu David is joined by Amy Crawford of Made Music Studio to delve into sonic branding's psychology, emotional impact, and world-shaping potential.
  • Prabu David is joined by Scholar Robby Ratan for an insightful exploration of the metaverse's transformative potential. Delve into gaming, ethics, and societal impact.
  • Prabu David is joined by leading global futurist Shawn Dubravac for a peek into his crystal ball at the incredible future of consumer technology and the industrial economy.