Current Sports Segment of the Day: Victor Robinson of PeacePlayers International

Jan 21, 2019

Victor Robinson of PeacePlayers International discusses Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the importance of spreading the knowledge of his legacy to today's youth. 

Victor Robinson of PeacePlayers International.
Credit PeacePlayers

Monday's Current Sports with Al Martin Segment of the Day features an interview with Victor Robinson of PeacePlayers International, which is a group that uses basketball to unite a network of young leaders in divided communities. In a special MLK Day interview, Al and Robinson talk the PeacePlayers organization, working with youth in Detroit and planning a special holiday celebration. Robinson also discusses the importance of passing on Dr. King's legacy to today's youth and we get his thoughts on the NFC and AFC championship games from Sunday.

Those wishing to get in touch with Victor for more information can email him at